6 of the Best…Ways to make your event green

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Planning a sustainable event? Here are our top tips to make your event green …

Be brave and serve an entirely vegetarian or even better vegan menu. We did this for the premiere of “8 Days a Week” in honour of VIP guest Sir Paul McCartney.  Guests chowed down on “Pecorino taco, creamed goat’s cheese and plum jam” and “Iron bark pumpkin tortellini, walnut pesto and parmesan crisp” and not one asked where the steak frites were! If you have to include meat, chicken, turkey or pork leave the smallest carbon footprint.

Make sure tea & coffee bears the Fair Trade stamp and bask in the glow of knowing that the farmers and workers of developing countries are being paid a fair price, with decent working conditions and operating under fair terms of trade.  At Zafferano we serve Colombian Fair Trade coffee as standard. If your event needs to use disposables use Veg-Pack or Biopac and make sure clearly labelled separate recycling bins are available either front or back of house.

Ditch the glass bottle and serve tap water from jugs or carafes. Or for smaller events fill a kilner water jar with mint, cucumber and lemon and pop on the bar for guests to serve themselves.

Talk to your production company about LED lighting – its use cuts the carbon footprint by a whopping 70%!

Go paperless with your invitations and make sure you give clear walking instructions or the location of the nearest “Boris Bike” station.

Ask your florist about using plants or potted herbs which guests can take with them at the end and re-use.