Confessions of a venue team

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We asked the Events Teams of the V&A, Wallace Collection, Roundhouse, Guildhall and Banqueting House to pour themselves a cuppa and answer a fun 5 minute quiz – their answers were most enlightening! Hear their thoughts on Executions, Avocado, Monster Munch and George Clooney …

Q:        Apart from your own venue – which other London venue would you like to be locked in overnight and why? What would you do there, and who with?

“Tower of London for the Jewels, and the ghost of Anne Boyelyn. Wallace Collection with fondant fancies and George Clooney. Anywhere with Tom Hardy, just to talk you understand”  V&A 

We’d love to be locked in the Science Museum’s Wonderlab gallery overnight with the hunky man we all saw in M&S earlier!” Guildhall

“I think it would have to be the Churchill War Rooms. It would be incredible to have a private tour from Mr Churchill himself and find out WW2 secrets in the very location so many important decisions were made” Rose at Banqueting House

 Q:        Its 11pm on a Friday night – what is your foodie guilty pleasure?

“A big packet of pickled onion monster munch, washed down with a glass of Prosecco!” Hannah at Roundhouse

“Cucumbers says Caroline. I’m asleep at 10pm, says Nat. Philippa eats cheesy chips with garlic sauce (nope, we don’t know what she’s on about either). Hot dog, Churros and hot chocolate sauce” V&A

“A Street Feast yum bun …  Friday is my takeaway night – normally Chinese but the introduction of McDelivery has been a bit of a game changer” Rose at Banqueting House

Q:        What’s new at your venue? Any exciting developments or news you’d like to impart to the Events world?

“We’ve grown the events team so are hosting more events than ever before. We are also one of the only unique venues in London that can host daytime and evening events up to 900 guests!” Guildhall

“We have a new Entrance and fantastic exhibition: Opera: Passion, Power and Politics and a glamourous new Members Room for cocktails” V&A

“We hosted Tommy Hilfiger’s first UK fashion show, which closed London Fashion Week, last week. This was an amazing event to watch and work on. We’re all in recovery mode now” Roundhouse

“In September we introduced all day venue hire on Thursdays so we can now host lunches, daytime conferences, big production dinners, awards and fashion shows on Thursdays … We’re really excited to see the venue used in a different way. Thursday is the new Friday!” Banqueting House

“Our wedding coordinators would like to shout about their new wedding film and brochure. Watch the film on our website and marvel at the lush wedding styling by the wonderful Zafferano team! We have also just opened our latest exhibition El Greco to Goya, Spanish Masterpieces from the Bowes Museum” Wallace Collection 

Q:        If you could travel back in time and re-live a moment in your venue’s history – what would it be?

“I would go back and watch the Rolling Stones play in 1971. They opened with Jumping Jack Flash and Honky Tonk Women. The queue was supposedly all the way down to Camden Town!” Roundhouse

“13th November 1953 – the trial of Lady Jane Grey at Guildhall. The Queen was trialled for treason in Guildhall’s Great Hall before being sentenced to death at the Tower of London. A momentous piece of history under Guildhall’s roof. Second to this, HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday celebration last year. We welcomed 1,700 guests and 57 members of the Royal family for a very special reception. The team enjoy getting dressed up and what better reason to do than for the Queen’s birthday!” Guildhall

“We’d like to be at the start of the V&A at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and see the Museum lit by gaslight!” V&A

“Banqueting House is probably most well known for being the location of Charles I execution, but I find the thought of travelling back to witness this moment quite morbid, so I think I would have attend one of James I lavish masque parties and then head down to the drinking den (Undercroft) for the after party!” Banqueting House

“Katie is heading straight back to 1814 to attend the Allied Sovereigns’ Ball, held after the defeat of Napoleon. Sophie would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to witness high society scandals live whilst the 3rd Marquess was art adviser for the Prince of Wales” Wallace Collection

Q:        What is your favourite Zafferano nibble?

“The Black Truffle and Roquefort Croque Monsieur is insanely good. The Guildhall team have a slight obsession with truffled everything!” Guildhall

“Psychedelic Whoopie Pies & the infamous “Dark Side of the Spoon” was fab. It’s not a food but we’ll never forget the scary fake black crows for the Alexander McQueen exhibition” V&A

‘The Kiss’ dessert from the Beauty Awards 2016 in the shape of red pouting lips.  There was lots of excitement and buzz on social media from the guests and the dessert tasted just as good as it looked!” Banqueting House

Q:        What’s the best bit about working in London’s venue and events scene?

“We love working behind the scenes at exclusive events whether it be fashion shows, iconic awards ceremonies or incredible dinners – working long hours has its perks when you see all of the effort that goes into making the events such a success” Guildhall

“Meeting lots of diverse clients. Great suppliers and contractors. We work in an amazing place with amazing exhibitions” V&A

“So many things… each event is completely different, no day is the same and it’s exciting going into the office to see what will happen. But I think the reason the London events scene is so special and why I love what I do has to be down to the talented people I get to work with. I love working as a team with the suppliers to create an event, we work long hours and I find everyone is always so positive and helpful, we’re working but we are having fun too. That’s definitely motivating at 1am after a 16 hour shift and it’s time to pack everything down!” Roundhouse

Q:        What’s been your favourite party food trend of 2017?

“Truffled everything!” Guildhall & V&A

“Crispy Chicken Skin” Roundhouse

“Zaff’s delicious mini beef wellington canapé that I always hope the client has chosen for their event” Banqueting House

“Technicoloured baked goods” Wallace Collection

Q:        If you could work in a venue anywhere else in the world – where would it be?

“Palace of Versailles, France. Because who doesn’t want to work in a Palace as beautiful and as large as this?” Guildhall

“Musee Rodin, The Guggenheim, The Winter Palace in St Petersburg or The Louvre” V&A

“The Coliseum in Rome! I love Ancient History and Rome is one of my favourite cities. I’d love to plan an Italian garden themed dinner under the stars with live musical performances and a gelato dessert station” Banqueting House

“A Riyadh in Morocco! So much colour, deliciousness and fresh mint tea”. Wallace Collection 

Q:        How do you plan to relax after the Christmas crazy period?

“A huge plate of cheese, a lot of red wine and a nice bottle of port. Pyjamas on, girls over, feet up = perfection” Guildhall

“Donuts for Chanukah. Caroline says Detox. Rest of Team say DETOX!!” V&A

“I’m planning a 2 week trip to Thailand. Send me your tips!” Roundhouse

“No January Blues for me…You will find me in the Dominican Republic, lying on the beach, sipping on a Pina Colada and losing myself in a good book. I CAN’T WAIT!” Rose at Banqueting House

“A selection of plans including Hogmanay in a remote cottage in the Scottish highlands, wedding planning and house hunting!” Wallace Collection