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Of course, here at Zaff HQ we’ve catered literally hundreds of weddings over the years for some really wonderful couples.  Today’s bride and groom have so much choice available to them and, with such a fast-paced market, we felt they deserved a little bit more… well, LOVE.

So we’ve set up a dedicated wedding side of our business simply called Zafferano Weddings.

Zafferano Weddings offers a truly personal approach with a dedicated and highly experienced wedding planner by your side from the initial conversations, right through to the big day itself. Whether you’re thinking of informal sharing plates, an elegant 3-course dinner, festival-style food trucks or a gastronomic multi-course tasting banquet, we know that the menu you choose reflects your personality as much as your outfits! Therefore we offer a totally bespoke menu design service to ensure that the bride and groom’s personalities are indelibly printed across the whole day. There’s no, “Choose Menu A, B or C” with Zafferano Weddings!

After all,

a wedding feast is the ultimate performance – with the bride and groom the undoubted stars of the show

and our delicious food, theatrical presentation and talented cast and crew will together create a dazzling wedding day.

To celebrate, our trusty “Zaff Man” has put down his spoon and picked up something all the more romantic, although if you look closely the cake topper might look a little familiar!

Check out our new Instagram page @ZafferanoWeddings