A new look for Zafferano!

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Zaff’s had a bit of a makeover and we think we look spiffing! With change comes a bit of soul searching into what really makes your business tick.

The roots of Zafferano lie in performance; the artistry of putting on a show is the essence of what we’re all about. We set the stage in iconic venues creating a performance that lifts the senses;

Food That Sings



Seamlessly orchestrated events,  and people with passion.


Raising the bar at great catering performances

This doesn’t all happen by magic, we’ve got a team of crack professionals working day and night to deliver a pitch perfect performance. There’s precision planning, professionalism and some old fashioned graft behind the scenes to make sure it’s alright on the night!

We’re not just caterers, we’re producers, and every event is a chance to leave a lasting impression.