Our sustainable street-credentials!

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Our mantra “Food: Passion: Performance” applies to everything we do at Zaff HQ, not least our environmental responsibility. Here’s how.

Wherever possible our ingredients are sourced within the UK, preferring local suppliers and seasonal ingredients whenever feasible. Our meat is British Higher Welfare and we’re a proud customer of Lake District Farmers who supply premium quality, breed specific meat (with full supply chain history) not only to ourselves but also to numerous London Michelin starred restaurants. Their sweet Herdwick Lamb has to be tasted to be believed – and whilst we’re devouring it (with spring vegetables, gremolata crumbs, jersey royals and lavender jus) it’s great to know that we’re supporting Lake District Farmers and the local community.

Whilst we’re at it all our fish is responsibly sourced (no MCS rated 4 or 5 for us) and our eggs are always organic from cage-free birds.

Chef Director Simon Denton has long since been a champion (or should that be champignon) of Vegetarian and Vegan menus and the Zaff HQ development kitchen has seen a flurry of veggie development activity in recent months – “Pea pannacotta, garden vegetable salad and edible soil Anyone?”

Our coffee is Fairtrade from Colombia; our water is Minton Devonshire Spring Water and Recycling is our middle name – all our cardboard, glass, plastics and vegetable oil is recycled,  and we’re now looking into making steps towards anaerobic digestive system for food waste.

We know we can do more and we have a programme in place to become more sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible. Little things like fitting spray taps in our pot wash area to reduce water consumption, to larger investments such as

eradicating the use of natural gas in our kitchens

and switching to induction hobs, or larger still, aiming to have an entire fleet of vehicles fitted with Euro 6 engines by 2020.

Zafferano’s aim? To give a new meaning to

Eat Your Greens!