The National Gallery opens its doors to all

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Once it was just the preserve of sponsors and corporates. But from this month, the National Gallery is inviting you to use its glorious spaces for private entertaining. From extravagant weddings to intimate luncheons, celebratory parties to bespoke private tours and cocktails – all with the Gallery’s collection as a backdrop.

New spaces will be opened up to individuals, all with exciting potential. How about a sit-down dinner for forty under the portico overlooking Trafalgar Square Imagine a balmy evening, the sun setting behind Nelson’s column…

Zafferano can’t wait to show clients the National Gallery’s new face, as this opening of doors brings with it a little more freedom. We love ‘Gallery A’ – a new, contemporary underground space hung like a whistlestop tour of art history. This could be the perfect breakout space for a conference lunch.

There’s also the newly available Turner Room (seats 36 for dinner), the spacious Wohl Room (receptions of 400 amongst Venetian Old Masters), the elegant Barry Rooms housing English painters – and, of course, the crisp, clear lines of the Sainsbury Wing, home of the current ‘Inventing Impressionism’ blockbuster exhibition.

Throw in some very ingenious ‘surprise’ spaces, and it all adds up to a fresh perspective on a venerable institution.