Twisted Circus Party at The Vaults

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Last week, we catered a fabulous summer party at one of London’s most unusual venues, The Vaults, underneath Waterloo station. Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_018

The occasion was Fisher Production’s summer venue party, an extravaganza bringing together the event managers of London’s top venues for an evening of fun, food and entertainment.

The theme for the reception was Carnivale Abnormale, or Twisted Circus;

a risqué mix of the mysterious and the macabre.

Fisher Productions created an immersive guest experience, transforming The Vaults into a spooky, alternative 19th Century London tableau.Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_048Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_081

On arrival, guests were drawn into an atmospheric exhibition featuring curios including peculiar medicinal bottles, jars containing strange objects, dusty taxidermy, retro lampshades and vintage funfair games. Adding to the spine-chilling undercurrent, off-key carnival music eerily played, filling every nook and cranny of The Vaults.Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_023

Our catering evoked the event’s dark themes, playfully using the best ingredients to create luxurious canapés, bowls and displays. There were plenty of nods to the foggy alleyways of Victorian London, offering party food which brought to mind the sinister street hawkers of the East End and Docklands, but with a luxurious twist. Big Top catering at its best! Canape highlights included mini foie gras doughnuts, potted crab ‘toffee apple’, rock salmon popcorn with Gentleman’s Relish, and Scotch quails eggs with caramelised onion mayo. More substantial bowl food also offered a taste of 19th Century London’s diverse and cosmopolitan food scene; fragrant mutton curry, mock eel pie and mash to name a few.Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_045Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_038Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_072

We also built an amazing wibbly-wobbly pièce de résistance – a blancmange and jelly spectacular, a cornucopia of different flavours to both wow and delight. This was accompanied by a dessert cupboard, brimming with tasty treats, which would not have been out of place in a Lewis Carroll tale; unusual beer marshmallows, chilli candyfloss and classic sherry trifles, Baked Alaskas and Spotted Dicks ensured guests left The Vaults with collective sweet teeth satisfied!Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_113 Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_116

Our expert mixologists, dressed in circus strongman costumes (a nod to our new logo) also shook up a storm at The Vaults’ bar, offering party-goers four unique, Victorian-themed cocktails, inspired by the Twisted Circus theme and  Dickensian London. Our particular favourite was

Don’t Punch Judy, a heady mix of golden rum, pineapple juice, angostura bitters, agave syrup and kombucha

.Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_070 Zafferano-WaterlooVaults190716_071

The whole evening was a spectacular performance – an impactful experience for guests and gave us the perfect chance to showcase our unique and bespoke approach to event catering. It was a pleasure to work with Fisher Productions at such a striking venue and we look forward to working in partnership with both again.

The Menu


Foie gras doughnuts, cherry jam

Twisted Circus hot dogs

Little potato hash browns, fried egg, smoked bacon jam

Crab and apple, toffee lollipop

Rock salmon popcorn, samphire with Gentleman's Relish

Little tins of whitebait and sarsons

Scotched quails eggs with onion mayo                                                                                  

Asparagus and cream cheese tart with tarragon foam            


Mutton and hogget curry

Victorian bird pie

Mock eel pie and mash

Asparagus, poached egg, curried sauce    


Blancmange and jelly trolley

Dessert cupboard;

Beer marshmallow, caramelised white chocolate

Spicy candy floss

Mini trifles

Baked Alaska

Mini spotted dick and custard