Flair, flamboyance and fashion – Zafferano and Alexander McQueen shake things up at the V&A

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‘Savage Beauty’ at the V&A is the hottest ticket in town – a jaw-dropping celebration of outrageous couture. So what do you serve at a party for 500 celebrating the big bad boy of fashion

Working closely with visionary party planners Peppermint Diva, Zafferano jumped at the creative challenge. Creative director Jo Moody put on her most outlandish thinking hat – and here’s what she came up with.

We zoned in on McQueen’s iconic motifs … and we put them everywhere

“… First up, we vowed that everything would be a witty reference to the incredible show. We zoned in on McQueen’s iconic motifs – butterflies, birds, feathers, studded crystal skulls, etc. and we put them everywhere – on platters, under bell jars, and even wired them to bird cages …”

Jo drew the line at serving food in a signature McQueen platform shoe. But only just.

Now for the food…

“… What fun we had. We filled hammered metal bowls with saffron popped corn ‘Quavers’; we paired salt cod ‘bon-bons’ with green tomato ketchup; we created ‘lace’ biscuits out of parmesan. It was sensory, it was colourful. It was the perfect complement to the visuals …”

Chef director Simon Denton was particularly proud of his rhubarb ‘McQueen’ of puddings, served in exquisite little black and gold egg shells with tiny spoons. These wouldn’t have looked out of place as a toque fascinator on the head of a McQueen mannequin.