Summer Soiree at the V&A – Frida Kahlo; Making herself up

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This summer saw the first exhibition outside of Mexico of a huge array of personal items, letters, photographs and works belonging to Frida Khalo. The result is an extraordinarily intimate portrait of the artist and a fascinating insight in to life in Mexico city during her lifetime.

Zafferano was delighted to co-host a ‘Summer Soiree’, alongside the Victoria and Albert Museum, Wise Productions and Philippa Craddock, in which guests were invited to a private view of the exhibition and to enjoy one of the Museum’s most prolific event spaces. Underneath the fittingly multi-coloured chandelier of the Dome, our talented team created a menu packed full of Mexican flavours, stirred up a myriad of tequila based cocktails and created a towering guacamole stall that would have been at home on the streets of Coyoacán.

Taking inspiration from a number of Kahlo’s most renowned works, our serviceware and styling were full of Mexican influences. From a tile fronted bar, to the braided hair of our waiting staff, every element of service helped to transport our guests in to the world of the exhibition.

The Menu

Highlights included ...

Traditional Mexican pozole, with pulled chicken, hominy corn, lime & Guajillo salsa

Grilled Iberico presa, roast zucchini, cactus slaw, pomegranate

Classic guacamole (made to order) garnished with: Pomegranate & grilled pineapple, Edible Grasshoppers,

QuesoFresco, Roast habanero peppers

Whisked to order Watermelon, Tequila & Mint Granita

They Drank ...

Basil Gin Smash

Classic Margarita

Rhubarb Margarita